How to Do a March Madness Fundraiser

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March Madness is an exciting time for basketball fans and general event enthusiasts. March Madness takes place each year as the men's NCAA basketball tournament occurs. People enjoy this time as the excitement of the game is elevated as people make their own brackets and place friendly bets. This is a great time of year to host a fundraiser that is correlated with the NCAA tournament because the excitement of the game can motivate people to participate in a good cause.

Establish a cause. Decide what you are fundraising for. Try to pick something that is related to basketball. For example, host a fundraiser that raises money for underprivileged children's basketball teams. Attempt to raise money to help send kids to basketball camp, or to help an injured high school basketball player get the proper medical care and rehabilitation.

Advertise for your cause. Start getting word out a month in advance. Advertise in local papers and on radio stations. Hang fliers in any public place that will allow you to do so. Hang fliers in grocery stores, libraries, coffee shops, schools and other venues where a lot of people congregate.

Pick a venue. Rent an auditorium or banquet hall. Consider renting space in a high school or college gymnasium. Make sure the area has plenty of seating and space to accommodate all your guests. Set up tables for refreshments. Have an area set up for donations and raffle ticket purchases. Hang a projector screen if there isn't one present. Use this screen to show the NCAA games during the event.

Create beverage rules. Decide if you are going to serve alcohol or not. If you plan on it, you will need an alcohol permit and then you should consider making your event adults only. Many people like to consume alcohol during sporting events as they see the event as a chance to let loose and party. However, consider the possible problems that alcohol consumption can create, as you will be responsible for the well-being of the venue and attendees.

Ask businesses to donate raffle prices. Raffle basketball-related objects such as T-shirts, framed photos and shoes. Consider raffling NCAA tickets, jackets, pillows, calendars and videos. Raffle objects for a variety of teams so that you can appeal to a broad audience. Try to raffle objects for teams that are advancing within the tournament.

Hire staff or enlist friends and family to help you run the event. You will need people to help you decorate, cook or at least set up food and drinks, and to clean up at the end of the event.