How To Do A Fundraiser For A Cancer Patient

A fund-raiser for a cancer patient can serve many purposes. You may want to raise money to help out with medical bills. The extra money might be so the person can take time off from work. Cancer fund-raisers will also help you get the word out about the importance of cancer screenings. It can serve as a healing opportunity for family and friends. This lets the patient know that he has a support team fighting for him. Here is how to organize a fund-raiser for a cancer patient.

Fund-raiser for a Cancer Patient

Get permission. You might be really excited to organize a fund-raiser. Before you begin, get the cancer patient's approval. He might be unwilling to accept charity or will be embarrassed to share his story. The cancer patient will probably be grateful that you offered to devote so much time to his cause, regardless of whether a fund-raiser is needed. Also make sure that the burden doesn't fall on the patient because his job is to get well. Take care of the tiny details because he might not even be healthy enough to be in attendance.

Organize a team. This is essential to hold a fund-raiser for a cancer patient. The more people you get involved, the more work you can get done. There are probably many family friends and coworkers who wish that they could do something to help. You can even get kids involved to teach them about charitable giving and service. A fund-raiser is a chance for the support system to bond and form a team. It will also help fight feelings of helplessness. Respect the person if he doesn't have time or is serving in another way.

Offer a service that will appeal to the general public. In order to raise money you will need to provide a service. This can be anything from a baked goods sale to a car wash. This way, complete strangers will stop and you'll have the chance to tell them the cancer patient's story.

Change your idea of fund-raising. Creative ideas might get more attention and draw a bigger crowd to your cancer fund-raiser. Use your talents, whatever they might be. You can even throw a concert and charge admission. Write personalized love poems for Valentine's Day or organize a dance.

Do old-fashioned advertising. Call local newspapers and the news media. These organizations might donate free advertising to your event and will enable you to get the word out on a massive scale.

Involve the entire world. Create a blog showcasing the patient's story. This can act as a hub for the volunteers to keep in touch easily. Bloggers may rally around you and help spread the word to all their readers. Cancer survivors can also leave comments of encouragement for the patient. Set up a PayPal account just for the patient where people from all around the world can donate. PayPal even provides a donate button so people can securely send money without worrying about identity theft.

Keep track of the cash. You never know how much money you'll make with a cancer fund-raiser. Make sure that the money is kept in a secure location. Have two or three people in charge of frequent accounting. This will keep any of the money from being misplaced.

Follow through. It can take weeks or even months of hard work to organize a successful fund-raiser. When you start to get frustrated or tired, remind yourself that you are doing this for your friend.