How to Do a Formal Ponytail With a Curling Iron


0:06 hi i'm danielle Valiente with atmosphere

0:09 salon and our topic is how to do a

0:12 formal ponytail using a curling iron

0:14 let's get started I have placed a

0:17 ponytail in my models hair using the

0:20 cheekbone as a guide for where I want

0:23 the ponytail to sit and then take in a

0:26 piece of hair from underneath wrapped it

0:28 around the elastic and pinned to hide

0:31 the elastic we're going to use a curling

0:35 iron to make this ponytail a little bit

0:41 more formal looking so I'm taking little

0:44 sections I've already sprayed the hair

0:47 with a thermal protecting spray and I am

0:50 wrapping the hair around the iron to

0:53 create some little curls in the hair

1:03 so I will take about maybe quarter to

1:09 half inch sections depending on how

1:11 thick the hair is if the hair is thicker

1:14 take a smaller section if the hair is

1:17 thinner you can go ahead and take a

1:19 bigger section and just placing the

1:24 curls in the hair you can alternate the

1:28 direction of the curls and what would

1:32 make you decide if you want to alternate

1:34 them or curl them all in the same

1:37 direction is if you alternate them

1:40 you're going to get more of an organic

1:41 kind of feel now that all of the hair

1:45 has been curled we're going to break up

1:47 the curls just using our fingers take

1:50 your fingers and just start splitting

1:52 the curls apart with your fingers that

1:54 just loosens it up if you choose you can

2:03 leave the curls more detailed you don't

2:06 have to break up all of them you know

2:08 you have that option so rouging with my

2:12 fingers that's going to give me a little

2:14 bit of lift and volumize the ponytail

2:17 without disrupting too much of the curls

2:21 and use your teased brush and your

2:24 hairspray to smooth any flyaways that

2:28 you have and that is how to do a formal

2:34 ponytail with a curling iron

2:40 you