How to Do '50s Hairstyles for Long Hair


0:05 hi my name is T Cooper and I'm a New

0:08 York City makeup artist and hair stylist

0:11 I'm also co-founder of beauty and

0:13 grooming company Metro look today I'm

0:15 going to show you how to do a 50s

0:18 hairstyle for long hair one of my

0:20 favorite 50s girls is Brigitte Bardot

0:23 and it was all about having a lot of

0:25 volume up here and the hair down back

0:28 here so for this look you can use curly

0:31 hair or straight hair my model has

0:34 naturally wavy hair so I'm just going to

0:36 go with that texture but if you want to

0:37 be a little bit more true to form you

0:39 can use a flatiron and straighten out

0:41 the hair for this look I'm just going to

0:43 use hairspray pomade which is optional a

0:50 comb for sectioning and bobby pins so

0:55 I'm going to get started by back combing

1:02 my models hair so we're going to back

1:07 home about 6 times and give it a quick

1:11 spray and we're going to do this all

1:14 around the perimeter of the hair because

1:16 Brigitte had all that awesome volume

1:20 again spray back home about 6 times you

1:25 can spray before after back combing it

1:28 really doesn't make a difference

1:29 it's all up to preference sometimes I do

1:33 it before sometimes I do it after

1:35 sometimes I do before and after

1:44 I'm going to do one more section in the

1:46 front just so I'll have a little bit

1:48 more height at the crown

1:58 one three six

2:02 so now we just work the hair going

2:06 backward and manipulate it and you can

2:09 spray as you manipulate and pump up with

2:12 your hands to create more height so the

2:18 next step is you take a section of hair

2:21 right in front of the ears you pull it

2:23 back pretty tight and you pin in place I

2:27 like to criss cross my pins just to make

2:30 sure that they're nice and secure and

2:34 then you repeat the same step on the

2:37 other side look at all that beautiful

2:39 height we've got there take a section of

2:42 hair and you crisscross your pins

2:51 just to secure it and then you take all

2:54 the hair on top you kind of like hide

2:56 the pins and you can manipulate you can

2:59 even take your tail comb and create a

3:01 little bit more height if you want that

3:04 was Bridget's deal nice sexy tall hair

3:07 give a one final spray and then she's

3:12 all done I'm tee Cooper and I just

3:15 showed you how to do a 1950's style with

3:18 long hair