How to Display Donuts at a Wedding

by Mary Corbin ; Updated September 28, 2017

Donuts can be a great finger food at wedding receptions.

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While a cake is traditionally served for dessert at a wedding, donuts do not have to be excluded. A wedding can incorporate any food item that you enjoy because the ceremony should represent your personality and style. It is a time of celebration and if you love sticky and powdery donuts, display them in a manner that is similar to a cupcake display at wedding reception. Additionally, donuts work well for morning weddings in which you can serve them with coffee. Plan on your guests eating at least one donut each and order a couple dozen extra just in case.

Purchase a cupcake stand from a local craft store or kitchen supply outlet. These stands have multiple layers like a tree on which you can arrange different types of donuts. Ask your wedding caterer if they have cupcake stands for rent, as well.

Buy white ceramic baking dishes and crystal plates in different sizes to hold various types of donuts. Stick with white or clear dishes, so the color of the donuts is the focal point of the table.

Use a cake stand to hold a large plate of donuts. You can use plastic, glass or antique cake stands, depending on your style.

Cover the donut table with a white tablecloth. You can use a solid color tablecloth that matches your color palette and then make it more formal by placing a lace tablecloth on top.

Place the cupcake stand in the middle of the table. Arrange the smaller cake stands around it. Use the dishes to fill-in spots around the table.

Put the donuts on the table right before the reception starts. Any earlier and the donuts may dry out. Place flowers around the cake stands and on the table to help the display look more festive.

Place napkins, serving plates and forks around the table for your guests.


  • Order your donuts from a specialty bakery. Ask them to use colored frosting and sprinkles that match your wedding colors.

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