How to Display Brooches

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Displaying brooches in a dramatic way makes them more salable. Brooches for sale in an antique or consignment shop are displayed using various types of cases, and use of natural and artificial light. There are some tricks of the trade that can be applied for displaying personal collections of brooches.

Display Cases

Buy flat table cases that can easily be moved. This way, they can be displayed in conjunction with a redesign of a room. Place brooches inside a display case for professional and personal brooch collection. These are typical wooden cases with a hinge on the side and a liftable lid, generally made of see-through glass or acrylic.

Display brooches in standing showcases. Buy a showcase with an overhead light inside, a standing display showcase with glass doors and multiple shelves inside. Brooches can be displayed on various brooch stands within the case. Eyeglass stands also make good brooch displays.

Old, firm decorative pillows are another great way to display brooches. Stick the brooch into the surface of the pillow, and lay the pillow flat. Consider displaying the pillows on sofas and beds if there are no pets or children in the house.

Pin a brooch to the pillow. so the pillow can stand upright and the brooch won’t fall off. Gold pillows with tassels on the side make pretty display pillows for brooches. Black and blue velvet pillows will make the brooch itself stand out for display purposes.

Many people have drab curtains or draperies. Why not jazz them up with brooches? Line the edge of your drapes, starting at the middle and working both up and down, depending on how many brooches you have, and pin the brooch to the front of the drapes. Attach brooches to the middle of drapery tassels for a little something extra in design.