How to Dice a Sweet Potato

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Dice is a cooking term which means cut into small, evenly-sized cubes. This technique results in food that is pleasing to the eye, and allows the food to cook more thoroughly. Foods can be diced into cubes of any size -- the method is the same. Sweet potatoes are often diced because, unlike some vegetables, they need to be cooked evenly or they'll be difficult to consume. After dicing, sweet potatoes can be baked, fried, steamed or broiled.

Wash the sweet potato thoroughly using cold water and a scrubber.

Peel the sweet potato at this time, if peeling at all.

Cut the sweet potato lengthwise, forming long slices. The width of each slice depends on how big you want each diced cube to be in the end.

Turn the sweet potato on its side with the previously-made slices facing horizontally. Cut lengthwise again, this time turning the slices into sticks.

Cut the sweet potato crosswise, turning the even sticks into cubes.