How to Develop a Capsule Wardrobe


0:00 hi I'm Michelle sterling of sterling

0:03 style Academy and I'm here to talk to

0:04 you more about how to create a capsule

0:06 wardrobe or another way to look at it is

0:08 how to create a cluster capsules

0:10 historically our two core items which

0:13 are two core suits that you mix and

0:14 match which I don't think necessarily

0:16 give you as much variety is how to

0:18 create a cluster now cluster is based on

0:21 some core color combinations and here we

0:23 have your blazek standard black and

0:25 white with just a pop of color here with

0:27 the pinks now capsules or clusters are

0:31 really important in order to put

0:32 together because they give you a variety

0:34 in your closet as you can see here you

0:36 can create one two three four five

0:39 different looks just by having two

0:42 bottoms and one jacket with five

0:44 different tops it's that easy and so you

0:47 can actually take this on a business

0:49 trip depending on what type of business

0:51 that you do if it's a little bit more

0:53 approachable and kind of feminine and

0:56 sweet is this is not just a regular

0:58 business woman and this would be a

0:59 little bit more of a business casual

1:01 creative type of look now here we have

1:03 every capsule or cluster should start

1:06 with your jacket and then have different

1:10 types of shirts so here we have one

1:12 that's sort of backless and they're all

1:14 a little bit sheer different types of

1:17 shirts with different types of cuts and

1:19 silhouettes to add variety to your

1:21 wardrobe so as you can see the all kind

1:25 of look cohesive in terms of the type of

1:28 look in the in terms of the fashion

1:30 style too because they're all kind of

1:31 flirty romantic and then you here you

1:35 have your classic pants in order to

1:37 build a wardrobe you're going to want to

1:38 build it based on the classic so you

1:40 have your classic pencil skirt and then

1:43 you also have your classic black

1:45 trousers and what's a look without

1:47 having classic shoes with it too so

1:49 that's how you create one cluster or

1:52 capsule in your wardrobe to create

1:54 cohesive looks in your wardrobe I'm

1:56 Michelle sterling I'm sterling the style

1:57 Academy thanks for joining us today