How to Design Your Own Watch

watch image by Igor Katz from

A watch is one of the most important fashion accessories you can own. It helps you make sure you arrive to appointments on time, can tell you much time you have left to complete a task and you can wear a good-quality watch for a lifetime. There are hundreds of watches available on the market, but when you cannot find one you like, want to add personal touches to one or want to make a special gift, consider designing your own watch.

Choose the material for the band of the watch. The band is the part that goes around your wrist. Bands are made from metals such as silver or gold, or are made out of leather that is dyed or treated. Leather bands are often made from cows, ostrich or crocodile. Watches that are less expensive may have plastic bands.

Decide on a case for the face of the watch. The case connects the leather bands and is made of gold, silver or stainless steel.

Pick a mechanical movement for the watch. This is what makes the arms of the watch move. The mechanical movement is of nickel, may be polished with Genfer Streifen, can have differently shaped bridges and may be made to look like an antique watch.

Choose a watch face. The watch face is the part that you see behind the arms of the watch. Watch faces come in a variety of colors and come with glow-in-the-dark numerals, Roman numerals, Arabic numbers and may include a small seconds dial. You can also choose an LCD face if you prefer to have a digital watch. Some elegant watches have jewels such as diamonds set into the face instead of actual numerals.

Pick a frame for the face of the watch. Frames are typically made of gold, silver or stainless steel. You can also choose to encrust the frame with jewels such as diamonds, sapphires or rubies. Watches that are less expensive may have plastic frames.

Choose the watch’s hands. Hands are made of polished steel, silver or gold. Some hands have a coating of special paint to make them glow in the dark.

Decide on a crown for the watch. The crown is the part of the accessory that allows you to change the time, and is usually located on the right side of the watch. Crowns are made of stainless steel, gold or silver, and can come in the traditional shape, an “onion” shape that is rounded at the top or a “pilot crown” shape.