How to Design Your Own Sunglasses

It's rare to find that perfect pair of sunglasses that matches your personality and fits you perfectly. When you do, you might see 10 other people with the same style and wish yours were different. Oakley, a fashion eyewear maker, has an online tool that allows you to design your own sunglasses--choosing your frames and lenses and customizing the details. The sunglasses you create will express your personal style and distinguish you.

Go to and select a style.

Customize your style using the tabbed categories on the right. First, select the frame and lens color under the top two tabs.

Select any style-specific attributes like Icons and Ear Socks.

Under etching, enter any text you want displayed on your custom sunglasses, such as your name or company name.

Select any accessories applicable to your style of frame under the final tab.

Preview your custom design in the photo window using the controls along the bottom.

Click "add to cart," review your order and enter your payment and shipping information.