How to Design Your Own Perfume Bottles

Vaughan Willis ~ sxc

Making your own perfume is a fun hobby and nice way to personalize gifts for the friend or family member who has everything. There are plenty of perfume “recipes” out there, but how do you take your olfactory delight one step further? You design a perfect bottle for it! Just like celebrity and big perfume companies, it is understood that the design of the bottle is vital in describing the perfume inside. Is your perfume flowery and classic, or strong and clean? Does it herald in thoughts of an age gone by, or a clean crisp summer morning? Designing your bottle is defining your perfume, so here are some things to think about when coming up with that perfect packaging.

Come up with a name for your perfume. The name and the type of bottle you choose will go hand in hand, so before you start designing your bottle, determine the name of your perfume and thereby the “feeling” behind your scent.

Think about the color of the bottle. Do you want clear or colored glass? Does your perfume have a delicate color or something pretty inside, like rose petals, that you want the user to see? Than a clear glass bottle is the one to select. If your perfume is colorless and you need something to “spice” it up a bit, a beautifully colored glass will do nicely.

Decide if you want something fancy, or plain and simple. Again, there are a lot of glass bottles you can choose from, so determine if you want the bottle to be a fanciful shape or more utilitarian. Remember, the shape of the bottle will help people define the scent within, so decide what kind of impression you want to make: plain or complicated.

Consider the closure or cap. Do you want to go with a classic glass “plug” or a roll-on device or atomizer? There are lots of options available so think about how your recipient might apply your perfume and therefore determine the best type of cap for it.

Determine labeling. Do you want or need a bottle surface that you can affix a label to or will you “label” your perfume with a small note card attached with an elastic band? If you want to get creative you can use a glass etching media on a plain bottle to “brand” it, or if you use a more ornate bottle, a small card would be best so as not to detract from the beauty of the container.

See what’s out there. There are plenty of beautiful empty perfume bottles out there that can be purchased by home-perfume makers, and a quick web search will bring up everything from the plain to the ornate hand-blown glass bottles.

Design a few and ask for input from friends. Sometimes it’s good to get others' opinions to help you make your decision, so don’t rush it.