How to Design Your Own Party Invitations

Parties are a get-together with others to celebrate something--a special holiday, birthday, retirement, reunion, open house or any other reason. The reason doesn't matter--it may even be "just because" you want to have one. Inform your party guests with custom-designed invitations. Accomplish this with Microsoft software such as Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. Use the templates available on Microsoft Office Online (see Resources below) to design your own party invitations.

View the party invitation templates via the link located in Resources below, and choose the one you wish to use.

Click on the image or file to view a full-page version of your template. Select one and click "Download." The Microsoft program required to use the template will open automatically.

Alter the invitation's wording to match your party. Highlight the text; replace it with your information or change the font properties. Delete any parts of the invitation that you do not want.

Include pictures or graphics that match the party's theme on the invitation. Use the accessible options found under "Pictures" in the "Insert" menu. Find the picture you want and click "Insert" to add it.

Study the party invitation for any modifications you desire. Move any sections, recolor any parts, resize anything or make other changes to its overall design.

Print a test copy prior to using special paper. Load your printer as directed. Print the party invitations as needed.