How to Design Your Own Fanny Pack

by Meghan Cronen

Create a fanny pack with few steps and materials.

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Often associated with the traditional tourist or a 1980s spike in popularity, the fanny pack is seen little today. However, nothing can beat the handiness and ease of opening this belt pack boasts. With a recent comeback worn by celebrities and fashionistas alike, the fanny pack is simple to make with the use of cost-efficient materials.

Items you will need

  • Cut-off pant leg
  • Keychain lanyard with plastic buckle
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
Step 1

Use an old pair of pants to create the fanny pack. Cut approximately 10-to-12 inches of the leg of the pant upwards from the bottom hem. The longer the cut section, the more depth the fanny pack will have.

Step 2

Turn the pant leg inside out. Sew across the newly cut edge to create a smooth, clean appearance. This newly sewn end will be the bottom of the pack. Do not cut the end of the pant leg with the existing trim; this will be the opening to the pack.

Step 3

Flip the fabric with the correct side facing outward. Cut the keychain lanyard down in size with approximately 2-to-3 inches remaining on either side of the buckle. Stitch the buckle to the pack while ensuring that the pant leg is able to fold over and snap the buckle closed. Sew the bottom buckle close to the bottom of the bag while folding the top part of the pouch downward, clipping the buckles together.

Step 4

Flip the pack over to attach belt loops. Use the remaining fabric from the lanyard to create the belt loops. Space them toward the top of the pack approximately 3 inches apart and 3 inches in length. Positioning them this way will keep the pack balanced.

Step 5

Slide the pack onto an existing belt and station on the hip. Fill the fanny pack with the essentials and enjoy sporting this once again up-and-coming fashion statement.


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