How to Design a Women's Salon

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A salon is a place where salon owners and stylists offer their beauty services to clients. When designing a women's salon, keep in mind that the image of your salon can determine the type of clients you attract and the cost of your services. The comfort, organization, look and feel of your salon is also important when incorporating design elements. You need to create an atmosphere that is warm, cozy and inviting to clients.

Consider the size of your salon and organize the various areas into separate sections that offer a functional use of space. The hair stations, nail stations and waiting area should not be in one jumbled space. Use wall dividers, if necessary, to make a distinction between the different parts of the salon.

Arrange the workspace in your salon by placing the workstations along the walls to create a distinction between the hair styling stations and the nail and pedicure stations if you have a full-service salon. The hair and the nail stations could be arranged opposite each other. If you have more space, create separate rooms for these areas.

Ensure that there is adequate aisle space especially in high-traffic areas of the salon. Leave at least six to 12 feet of space between each stylist’s workstation so that clients do not feel congested and get too close to other customers.

Paint the walls using warm colors that are easy on the eye. This will add a cozy feeling in the salon. Depending on the type of clientele you cater to, choose between soft, pastel, rich, feminine romantic colors and warm, vibrant colors. The color palettes that women favor include various shades of blue, pink, green, lavender and red. Avoid using drab dull colors like brown and gray.

Make the salon entrance inviting and warm by creating a cozy waiting area or lounge. Purchase comfortable and sturdy furniture and fixtures that will fit the image and budget of your salon and appeal to your clients. Place comfy chairs, a sofa and a coffee table with hair, fashion and entertainment magazines in the waiting area.

Place a television, water cooler or coffee station in the waiting area so that clients can feel at home and be entertained while waiting to be served. Add plants and floral arrangements in the lounge area to decorate the room.

Put up pictures on the walls in your waiting area in your salon of the latest hairstyles and trends that may appeal to your clients. Use quality floor tiles and carpeting in the salon. Ensure that you use flooring that is easy to clean and maintain.

Install adequate lighting to keep your salon illuminated, especially in areas where clients will be looking in the mirror or waiting to be served. Use basic indirect diffused lighting to create a consistent atmosphere within the entire salon. Soft lighting works best in waiting areas.

Get a professional sign company to design the signage that will be placed on the salon exterior. The sign not only displays the name of the salon but it also portrays the image of your business; it can determine the first impression customers will have before they walk into the salon.