How to Design a Guest Book Sign-in Sheet Images

Guest book sign-in sheets don't have to be generic and understated. Make your next event's sign-in sheet memorable and more meaningful by including a few extra details. If you are hosting an event that is important enough to require a sign-in sheet, then make the sign-in sheet representative of your occasion. Have your sign-in sheet printed by a company that specializes in this type of design, or use your own creativity to design details by hand.

Determine the event's theme, and design your sign-in sheet accordingly. If the event is elegant, choose a simple paper design such as a gold or silver page border. Consider cursive or italicized text to enhance appearance, and include the host's or guest of honor's initials in the corner of each page. If the theme is playful, consider a colorful page border or designs that are specific to the interests of the guest of honor. If the sign-in sheet is for a child's birthday party, decorate it with stencils and glitter for child-like appeal.

Include more than enough spaces for signatures. When it comes to guest books, it's better to have too many spaces as opposed to too few. Keep the lines evenly spaced and uniform in length. Consider including two or three name columns per page. Two columns are ideal because they allow room for guests to include a short personal message.

Use a durable paper. Avoid thin notebook paper. Quality paper is a must for sign-in sheets, as very thin paper will allow pens to bleed through. This can make names illegible if you are using both sides of the paper. Also, more durable paper will last longer, so your guest sign-in sheet will be a long-lasting treasure that the guest of honor can look back on for years to come.

Print or handwrite event information across the top of the sign-in sheet. This can include the event name, such as Nathan's Graduation Party, along with the date and venue. This information will make the sheet specific to the event and will help the guest of honor remember what event the sign-in sheet was for.