How to Deodorize Leather Sandals

by Kay Ireland ; Updated September 28, 2017

Leather sandals are the favorite in many closets. Because of their comfort and style, they are probably worn often in warm climates. This can cause them to become hot and odorous. Deodorize your leather sandals, so that they are fresh and clean. Taking care of your leather goods can ensure them a long life for years of enjoyment.

Take two small cloth bags that are slightly porous, and fill them both full of baking soda.

Place each bag in one of the sandals and leave overnight to deodorize. In the morning, take them outside and shake out and baking soda that may have gotten into the sandals.

Use the rubbing alcohol to douse a soft cloth.

Use the cloth to wipe the straps of your sandals on the inside, and anywhere that your feet may touch.

Repeat the process at least once a month to ensure fresh smelling sandals.


  • Test the alcohol on a small, inconspicuous place on the sandal before ever rubbing the outside straps, to make sure it doesn't stain.
    Always wear your leather sandals with clean feet.

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