How to Decorate Your Wedding Cake Table for Pictures

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One aspect of a wedding reception that guests look forward to is seeing your wedding cake. When you decorate the table that holds the cake, you positively impact the visual that your guests receive as well as the photographs of the wedding cake that are likely to end up in your wedding album. A photo of the wedding cake table is a staple shot for most wedding photographers. Decorate the table to enhance your the overall tone and style of your wedding.

Cover the cake table with a tablecloth. This provides a clean backdrop that adds a splash of color or texture to the photographs.

Drape a table runner down the center of the table that the cake can rest on, or place a flat mirror on the table and set the cake on it. Both embellishments call further attention to the centerpiece of the table -- the wedding cake.

Sprinkle rose petals around the base of the cake for a romantic touch. Lay the bridesmaids' bouquets on the tables, with the blooms pointing out and the flower stems pointing toward the cake to create a floral border.

Scatter beads, gemstones and rhinestones around the cake for a touch of sparkle and glitz. Place small, flat, circular mirrors around the base of the cake for a contemporary look.

Attach a strand of white Christmas lights around the edges of the table to illuminate the cake, or set electric candles around the cake to cast a soft glow on it. Refrain from using actual candles because the warmth of the flames can melt the cake's icing.

Position any other wedding items you would like to highlight in a wedding photo on or around the cake. For example, hang the bride and groom's wedding bands from the cake topper. Place the couple's toasting champagne flutes next to the cake. Lay the bride's garter and bouquet next to the cake. By highlighting the cake, you can simultaneously capture photos of other important wedding elements as well.

Position the cake cutting knife and serving knife next to the cake. These are often engraved and used for traditional wedding-reception events such as the bride and groom cutting the cake and feeding it to each other.