How to Decorate With a Broadway Theme

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Broadway is a magical place that exhilarates and delights. America's greatest and most famous live shows have been on Broadway, including Cats, Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story, Chicago and The Lion King. Parties can be enhanced and made more memorable using a theme from one of these plays or of Broadway in general. Choose some of your favorite plays to highlight and use a few props to give your guests a great time.

Gather together ideas and choose the plays or general theme that you want to highlight for your party. Decide which shows appeal most to your audience. For example, if you have many families coming to the party, you can highlight some of the Disney-sponsored shows like the Lion King and Mary Poppins. These shows have the advantage of widespread merchandise and memorabilia availability.

Focus decorating efforts on the entrance of your party to set the mood for incoming guests. Hang up playbills and Broadway posters of your favorite shows. Place shiny paraphernalia and a large sign with the word "BROADWAY" so that everyone gets the message.

Roll out a red carpet for your guests and line the room with colored lights to give the room a feeling of excitement. Designate each table as a specific Broadway show and leave a few playbills from the show on each table. Use gold and silver stars and other flashy decorations for added effect.

Play music from Broadway shows and encourage guests to converse about their favorite plays.