How to Decorate Wine Glasses

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Wine glasses are beautiful in and of themselves, but if you are having a party, everyone's beautiful wine glass is likely to look just about the same. Add a personal note to your party and make everyone's wine glass unique by decorating the wine glasses before setting them out for use. There are a variety of ways to make your wine glasses beautiful and attractive in a way that will match any theme and setting.

Select ribbon in colors to go with your theme colors. For example, if you are having a Christmas party, use gold, red, green, silver and white.

Cut the ribbons into 10-inch lengths. You will not end up using all of this length, but it will give you some room to work as you decorate the wine glasses.

Pair the lengths of ribbon. Use two different colors together; they do not have to be the same two colors for every glass.

Tie the paired ribbons around the stem of the wine glass. Make a bow. The bow should not be so large as to be floppy, and at this point it will have long tails. If you want the bow at the bottom of the stem, let gravity hold it in place. However, if you want the bow just under the bowl, hold it in place with a small dot of craft glue. Use a small amount of glue so that you can remove the bow later without permanent damage to the glass.

String crystal beads and a charm onto the tails of the bow. You will have four tails total. Decorate all, or just a few of them. Thread the beads onto the ribbon and tie a knot at the end of the tail to hold them in place. Knot the charms onto the end of the ribbon to make each glass easily identifiable.

Trim off the excess ribbon. Use a sharp, diagonal cut just below the knot that is holding the beads in place.