How to Decorate Tables With Golf Tees

by Drea Christopher ; Updated September 28, 2017

Whether you’re decorating tables for a birthday dinner honoring an avid golfer, a luncheon at a golf club or an awards banquet for a golf tournament, incorporate golf tees into the designs as a whimsical touch. Use the versatile, inexpensive tools—designed to elevate the golf ball as a golfer takes his first shot at the beginning of each hole—to embellish accents from place cards to napkin rings. Incorporate wood or plastic tees “as is” or have them imprinted with a name or message as a personalized touch.

Create napkin rings embellished with golf tees by using scissors to cut a 2-inch-wide by 8-inch-long piece of ribbon that coordinates with your other table decorations. Use the scissors to make two parallel, 1/4-inch-wide, horizontal slits in the center of the ribbon spaced 1/2-inch apart. Push two golf tees down through the top slit and up through the bottom slit to secure them to the ribbon. Tie the adorned ribbon around the napkin, knotting it in back.

Make simple, illuminated golf tee table decorations by filling shallow glass bowls with white golf tees and nestling tea candles among the tees. You can also add three inches of water to clear glass bowls, scatter a layer of golf tees on the bottom of the bowl and place floating candles along the top of the water.

Turn washed, plastic golf tees into part of the dining experience by using them as “toothpicks” to spear chunks of fruit or cheese. Place a decorative bowl full off tees next to the appetizers or place a tee in each food item beforehand so guests can nibble on the appetizers as they mingle.

Place golf tee party favors on the table by filling clear plastic boxes with printed golf tees featuring the name of the event or a personal message. You can alternately wrap the tees in an 8-inch-square piece of cellophane gathered on top and tied with a white ribbon. Slip two tees beneath the ribbon in an “X” formation and place a favor beside each dinner plate.

Design simple place card holders by inserting a 1-inch square of Styrofoam into the bottom of a 2-inch terracotta pot. Press the tips of two golf tees straight down into the Styrofoam and nestle a 6-inch-long piece of green ribbon or a clump of paper Easter grass on the top of the pot to simulate grass. Rest the place card against the tees.


  • If you’re concerned about lighted tea candles heating up and possibly scorching the wood or plastic golf tees, consider using battery-powered, LED tea lights that will stay cool throughout the event.

    When you’re incorporating golf tees into table decorations for a golf-related bridal event or women’s tournament, for example, add glamour to plain wood tees by affixing a self-adhesive rhinestone to the top of each tee or affixing a paper flower to the side of each tee with white glue.

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