How to Decorate Mason Jars for Bridal Showers

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Mason jars are a simple yet chic way to decorate for bridal showers. If the bride is using a country or nature theme for her wedding, Mason jars at the bridal shower will tie into the overall wedding theme. The jars make excellent centerpieces and can be decorated easily. Mason jars also make good drinking glasses, adding yet another decoration to the tables at a bridal shower. Stick to simple decorations with Mason jars as the jar itself is a focal point of the décor.

Cut and tie ribbons around the lip of the jar in a simple bow. Use ribbons that match the colors of the wedding if possible. Raffia is an easy substitute for ribbon if you want a more rustic theme.

Place three to four bright flowers, such as Gerber daisies, in each jar. The simplicity of a few flowers highlights the jars as well. Try to use flowers in the wedding colors or, if possible, use the same type of flowers as the wedding. Use tall grass and branches for a rustic nature look.

Include a tag with a favorite quote or note of inspiration for the bride. Vary the tags among the jars so that guests can see different quotes. Examples include: “Love is friendship set to music,” “There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved,” and “Love is a moment that lasts forever.”

Fill the jars halfway with water and add floating candles or a couple of small flowers. For a kitchen-themed shower, float citrus fruit such as oranges, lemons and limes sliced in thin circles.

Place votive candles inside each jar and light them just before the bridal shower starts. The soft glow adds a romantic touch to the bridal shower.