How to Decorate for a Housewarming Party

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A housewarming party is a great way to show off your new home to family and friends, and whether you're hosting a cocktail party, a drop-in, or backyard barbecue, the house should always take center stage. Decorations add whimsy, but should also complement your decor. When it comes to balloons and streamers, choose monochromatic colors that are easy on the eyes. A chic and tastefully decorated house exudes pride of ownership.

Decorate to Impress

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Add balloons to your mailbox, gate or tree to let guests know they have found you. Decorate your buffet table with coordinating linens and dishes, and use your best china and crystal. Add a little whimsy by writing on paint sticks and paint swatches to present the dish. If you're serving a potluck dinner, set house-shaped place cards in front of each dish to display the recipe and credit the person who brought it. Fill your bathtub with ice and turn it into an oversized champagne bucket. Alternatively, convert your den or living room into a cool lounge by adding white lights, candles, a disco ball and martini glasses.

Light Up the Night

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Nothing says housewarming better than glowing candles clustered together in over-sized lanterns on your front porch. Candles keep decorating simple yet add warmth and set the mood for guests to feel instantly at home. Add candles to your fireplace hearth, kitchen counters and even your bathrooms -- anywhere that guests will be touring. Choose ivory and white, unscented or gently scented pillar candles in a variety of heights, and cluster them in decorative holders. Group candles in glass hurricanes, or long, glass pillar holders, and place them in the corners of your bathroom, if space permits. Fill your bathtub with water and add floating candles for an illuminating effect that welcome guests. Light up your backyard with lanterns hung from trees or spotlights strategically positioned in the garden so that when guests look out the window, they won’t be staring into a darkened yard.

“Home Sweet Home” Favors

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Make DIY party favors and incorporate them into to your housewarming decor. Bake simple favors for your guests to take home such as sugar cookies in the shape of a door, decorated with royal frosting that matches your own front door and house number. If you are creative, pipe on a wreath as well. Alternatively, bake cookies in the shape of a house with piped frosting that reads, “Home Sweet Home.” Use a squeeze bottle to dispense your frosting, for convenience. Package your cookies in clear cellophane bags, tie them with ribbon and include decorative tags labeled with your new address and phone number. Display them on your coffee table, buffet table or in a basket by the front door, ready for your guests to grab at the end of the evening.

Keep It Clean

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Tidy your home the day before, and keep on top of any messes as they happen. The first tour is up to you; however, after that, some guests may still choose to wander throughout your home and inspect master bathrooms and even closets. Don’t leave boxes piled against walls or paint cans littered in corners. No guests should arrive until the last picture is hung. When preparing food, clean as you go so that guests can actually see the counters. Don’t rearrange your furniture or line chairs along a wall to accommodate a large group. Instead, allow guests to see your beautiful interior as you intended it to look.

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