How to Decorate Balloons

Balloons are great for just about any party or celebration. You can use them plain, buy them with sayings on them, or decorate your own. Working on crafts is always fun and it is an excellent stress reliever. Decorating your own balloons also puts a unique spin on your party and you are sure to have decorations that no one has ever seen before. There are many ways you can decorate your balloons. This article will teach you how.

Use markers to decorate your balloons. This method is basic, but it allows you to create some goofy faces or personalize each balloon with the names of the people attending your party. You could even make a game by having your friends find their name. Whichever friend finds their name first, wins a special prize.

Order party balloon cut-outs. These are great for children's birthdays. You order the cut-outs online. The cut-outs are usually of popular children's shows such as the Wiggles, Spiderman, or Dora the Explorer. The cut-outs come ready to stick on your balloons. Choose your balloon type (latex) and size (9 inches), color (red), quantity (20), and then have it shipped to your house. Just follow the directions and stick your cut-outs to the balloons.

Decorate with stick-ons. This is one of the least expensive methods. Visit a craft store such as Michaels or A.C. Moore. Choose stick-ons that fit your party theme (wedding, baby shower, birthday party). Then go home and blow up your balloons. Once the balloons are blown up you can peel the backing off of the stick-ons and arrange them on the balloon. You can even buy letter sticks-ons if you want to add messages to your balloons.

Add festivity to your balloon using crepe paper. Tie two or three of your balloons together to form a cluster. Cut several long strands of crepe paper from your roll (about 12 inches each). Tape them to the bottom of your balloon cluster and let them hang. Place your balloon clusters around the house. You could also choose to just add one ring of crepe paper around the middle of a plain balloon to jazz it up. Simple, yet fun.

Add some curly ribbons. This idea works great and chances are you already own the ribbon for decorating presents. Tie a long piece of ribbon to your balloon. Take a pair of scissors and put the piece of ribbon in between your thumb and the scissors. Run your hand quickly along the whole length of the ribbon and release. You will have a beautiful curl. Add several strands of ribbon for multiple curls.