How to Decorate an Adult's Birthday Party

How to Decorate an Adult's Birthday Party. Decorating for an adult's birthday party is a bit different than a child's birthday. While children count the days to their birthday, adults generally hold on to each year as long as they can. Most adult birthday parties mark significant ages. Beginning with 30, it is fun to celebrate an "Over the Hill" party with the guest of honor.

Determine a budget before heading to the store. Go to a party store, and hit the "Over the Hill" aisle. Purchase all things black and old age related.

Purchase boxes of adult diapers, vitamins and other geriatric items. Use them for center pieces on the tables along with black carnations or roses.

Hang black crepe paper from light fixtures, and drape it up to the ceiling corners. Attach the crepe paper with wall friendly tape.

Get dozens of black balloons filled with helium. Let the balloons dangle from the ceiling throughout the rooms used for the party.

Set out paper plates, napkins and cups that have the year of the birthday person printed on them. Use black plates, cups and napkins if the year is not available.

Hang an "Over the Hill" banner on a wall or over a doorway. Sprinkle "Over the Hill" or black confetti on table and countertops.

Have black birthday hats and horns for the guests. Have a special hat for the guest of honor that is different from the others.