How to Decorate a Wedding Cake Using Artificial Flowers

by Kimberly Ripley ; Updated September 28, 2017

There are a variety of ways to decorate a wedding cake using artificial flowers

Flowers have long been a favorite decoration on wedding cakes. Edible flowers are very popular but can be quite costly. There are ways to incorporate artificial flowers in the decorating of your wedding cake in an attempt to cut costs, while accomplishing the task of decorating the cake with both style and taste. A few simple tips will make the task easier.

Select an array of artificial flowers in a color scheme of your choice. Lilies, gardenias and assorted wildflowers are often the best looking artificial flowers. Roses and buds tend to look especially stiff and are easier to detect as fakes. Sketch a diagram of how you'd like the flowers arranged on the cake before positioning them.

Frost and stack the cake layers per the baking and frosting instructions. Gently lay each artificial flower on the cake as desired. Once assured of the final spot for each flower, press gently into the frosting; just enough to make a slight indentation.

Fill the frosting bag with appropriately colored frosting, and use a ridged tip to pipe frosting in the color of each flower around the perimeter of each bloom. Be careful to stay as close to each blossom as possible. The idea here is to outline the perimeter of each flower in an attempt to fasten them to the cake. Artificial flowers are very lightweight and can easily be tipped or blown off the cake. While some decorators prefer to attach artificial flowers with toothpicks, there is always a risk of not removing all of them prior to serving the cake, thus risking that someone will bite down onto one.

Create smaller or complementary versions of the artificial flowers using fondant. Find directions for creating fondant flowers in baking guides and online. Place each fondant flower just outside the perimeter lines created when piping the frosting around each flower. The fondant flowers will ensure that the cake remains decorated even after the artificial flowers are removed for serving.

Remove each artificial flower before cutting and serving the cake. Set them aside on a plate previously adorned with piped frosting and a few of the fondant flowers. This makes an attractive table accoutrement where the cake is being served.


  • Other options for decorating a wedding cake using artificial flowers include forming a floral cascade by joining flowers together. Drape the cascade down one side of the cake, anchoring it at the top as described in the steps above, using icing in a matching or complementary color.

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