How to Decorate a Red Wagon For a Wedding in 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to decorate a red wagon for a wedding in several simple steps. As one of the newest trends for weddings, make yours a hit with this suggestion of innocence.

Your guests will be in awe at the simplicity and beauty of a wagon turned into a wedding masterpiece.

Read on to find out how to decorate a red wagon for a wedding in easy to understand steps.

Buy a tablecloth. Use your primary color to purchase a rectangular cotton tablecloth, not plastic. The ideal size is 60X84, but a slightly larger one can be used.

Spread out the tablecloth on the wagon bed, just like you are making a bed. You should have quite a bit hanging over the edges on all four sides.

Make sure to tuck the covering down in the corners of the inside of the wagon to allow some "give" room. The tablecloth should take the exact shape of the body of the wagon.

Wrap the tablecloth excess under the body of the wagon and hot glue on the bottom. These ends will not be seen and hide away perfectly. You shouldn't be able to see any red on the body of the wagon.

Decorate the handle. Using a spool of tulle in the color you choose, make a bow. The bow should have long tails, and stop where the body of the wagon meets the handle.

Use a similar color pipe cleaner to attach the bow to the wagon handle, and allow the tails to hang. For instructions on making a tulle bow, see additional resources below.

Make a holders for the tulle. Using 4 small, fake flowers, remove the stems and gather 4 clothes pins. Take one flower and hot glue to the front of each pin. Make sure not to hot glue the pin shut.

Hot glue 2 clothes pins to the tablecloth on each side of the wagon, one at the front part and one at the back. You should have a total of 4 clothes pins in place, one close to each side corner. This is to hold the decorations in place all the way around the wagon.

Swag tulle from one clothespin to the next. Secure the gathered ends of the tulle in each clothespin. When finished, your tulle should be swag all the way around the wagon.

Use the clothes pins to hold the tulle in place. Cut when finished and tuck the excess under the closest clothespin.