How to Decorate a Cubicle for a Birthday

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Celebrate a co-worker's birthday in style by decorating her cubicle for the big day. Prior to her birthday, talk with other co-workers to gather a supply list and money to share the cost in cubicle decorations. Stick with basic decorations to keep the cost down and decorating easy. On the day of the birthday, arrive early to set up before she gets to work so that when she arrives, everything is in place and ready. Schedule a time for everyone to gather around the cubicle to sing "Happy Birthday."

String streamers in various colors along the side of the cubicle, and secure with tape or thumb tacks to the side. Intertwine more than one color of streamer to add more color to the cubicle.

Secure balloons in bright, bold colors around the cubicle by tying them on random objects. These objects include the chair, computer monitor, desk legs, file cabinets and bulletin boards within the cube.

Sprinkle birthday confetti around the top of the desk, and the floor if there is not carpet. Sprinkling confetti on carpet may be time consuming to remove.

Hang a banner at the entrance to the cubicle that says, "Happy Birthday." Attach the banner using tacks or tape.