How to Decorate a Conference Hall for a Farewell Party

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When you are in charge of decorations at a farewell party you are doing much more than hanging up a few balloons. You are setting the tone for the entire event. Before you begin decorating, consider restrictions placed in the rental agreement and the entertainment. If skits are to be performed or a slideshow played, leave an empty space. Then begin decorating the conference hall with items that mean something to everyone in attendance, like photos.

Set a budget, select a theme or colors and ask friends and family to help you decorate the conference hall. A couple of common themes are bon voyage and luau.

Visit the conference hall, count the tables and chairs and ask if decorations come with the hall. The walls should already have paintings on them which means you will need to focus on decorating the tables.

Fill balloons and attach them to the backs of the chairs with curling ribbons. Punch holes in the corner of the photos of the guest of honor and attach them to the balloons with ribbon. Hang the farewell sign in front of the entryway doors.

Fill the vases to the halfway point with the yellow jellybeans before inserting the daffodils. The jellybeans will hold the flowers in place. Put a vase in the center of each table. Scatter postcards on each table and place cups filled with pens on the tables. Guests can write farewell messages on the back of the postcards for the guest of honor.