How to Decorate a Christmas Wreath

by Contributor ; Updated September 29, 2017

How to Decorate a Christmas Wreath. One of the beauties of the Christmas season is a lovely, decorated Christmas wreath. You can decorate a Christmas wreath to suit your family's personality, traditions and style.

Step 1

Select a Christmas wreath. Shake the Christmas wreath to be sure it is not dropping needles.

Step 2

Decide how you would like to decorate your Christmas wreath. There are many options.

Step 3

Choose ribbon to create a bow for your Christmas wreath. In the arts and crafts store you may want to select ribbon for floral arts, or ribbon that has wired edges.

Step 4

Create a bow for your Christmas wreath. Remember to be generous when you buy ribbon; this will make a wide and full looking bow on your wreath.

Step 5

Pick out tiny ornaments for your wreath. Full size ornaments may be too heavy and will not fit well on the Christmas wreath.

Step 6

Consider if you would like to have lights on your wreath. Your local gardening store should have lights that will work on your wreath. Try to find ones that are battery operated.

Step 7

Hang your Christmas wreath at your front door, or in another place of honor.

Items you will need

  • Christmas wreath
  • Hook to hang the Christmas wreath
  • Fishing line
  • Floral or wired ribbon
  • Christmas ornaments


  • Wooden or metal ornaments are light and come in various styles. They also will not shatter in many pieces if they fall off the wreath. Use fishing line to attach ornaments. It is clear and light and will hold most ornaments quite well. Wired ribbon is heavier but it will keep the shape of a bow for a much longer period of time. Floral ribbon is created to be more durable, and also for outdoor use. But often it is just not as pretty. Miniature candy canes tied into the Christmas wreath look very pretty.