How to Decorate a Christmas Cake

Christmas is a time for parties and other holiday events. Of course, this means that you usually feel obligated to take something to those parties that you attend. One of the easiest items you can prepare is a cake. This does require a bit of creativity though. After all, a Christmas cake shouldn’t be something boring. Instead, it should be decorated in a festive theme. Thankfully, this is easy to do. You just need to follow a few easy steps.

Consider the event before you decorate your Christmas cake. What type of party are you taking the cake to? Is this a Christmas party for your children or an elegant charity event? The type of occasion will play a huge role in determining what items you choose to decorate with.

Use ingredients that are already in the batter. One of the easiest ways to decorate a Christmas cake is to choose ingredients that are found in the recipe. For example, you could decorate a white chocolate peppermint cake with crushed peppermints and shaved white chocolate.

Incorporate seasonal candy and it doesn’t matter if you’re making a Christmas cake for children or adults. It’s always a good idea to decorate with candy. Seasonal candy, such as candy canes or small pieces of edible coal, make fun decorations. You could even use red and green candy coated chocolates.

Add molded chocolates. Many people buy baking chocolate during the holidays. As a promotional incentive, companies often give away free chocolate molds. Unfortunately, these molds only make six pieces of chocolate at a time. This is perfect for your Christmas cake. These six pieces of chocolate can be used to decorate each slice of cake.

Buy stencils. Another easy way to decorate a Christmas cake is to use stencils. You simply place the stencil on the cake and sprinkle on powered or colored sugar. Once you’ve covered the entire area, lift the stencil and you’ll have a beautiful design that took only a few minutes.

Don’t overdo it. It doesn’t matter what you use to decorate your Christmas cake, the important part is to keep it simple. A cake with white frosting and crushed peppermints is both simple and elegant. Using one or two different decorations will ensure that your cake isn’t overdone.