How to Decorate a Bra

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Whether you're decorating your bra for a cause or simply showing your fashionable side, be creative and stylish with your decorations. A wide variety of fabric embellishments will adhere nicely to a bra for a one-of-a-kind look. Visit the craft store to gather your wild or tame decorations. In addition, choose a bra that fits properly and allows its appearance to be altered. Varieties of bras include underwire, padded, low-cut and sporty, but whatever style you select needs to offer adequate support.

Choose a theme for your bra decorations. Breast cancer organizations are constantly challenging women to decorate bras for walks and races to support the fight against breast cancer. If you're decorating for this cause, consider getting together with other women and devising a common decorating theme. Fashion-forward gals who just want to decorate their bras may want to stick with a decorations geared toward their personality.

Grab your materials and prepare a work area. Avoid breaking a sewing machine needle on underwire by using a hot glue gun. The gun attaches the fabric just as well as a needle and thread, and it is simple to use.

Cut different fabrics to attach to the bra with fabric scissors. Fabrics can include bright lacy designs for the top half of the bra and fringe with tassels along the bottom of the bra. Other fabric ideas include covering the entire bra in faux fur, a wild pattern or in a fabric made entirely out of sequins.

The look should be fashionable not gaudy, so stick with one wild fabric and use more muted accents. Another option is using items such as feathers or coconuts to make the bra stand out.

Decorate the bra in accents to complement the fabric. Accents can include tassels, glitter, battery-operated lights, more sequins, strips of fabric and beading. Choose pieces that are easy to glue onto the bra and are not too heavy.

Hang long strands of beads, tassels or other types of long decorations from the bottom of the bra. This helps conceal the stomach.

Decorate bra straps with ribbon. Other options include sequins, paint, glitter, lace and large foam dots.