How to Date a Rich Woman


0:00 hi I'm Sally Landau I'm a relationship

0:03 coach in Los Angeles and my company is

0:05 dating can be fun how do you date a rich

0:08 woman well first of all rich rich is a

0:11 relative term some people might ask rich

0:15 compared to what compared to whom but

0:18 let's say for example you've made this

0:20 assumption and you're sure that you're

0:21 right that your net worth is

0:24 substantially less than this woman that

0:26 you want to date or perhaps are dating

0:28 let's just say that's true you don't

0:32 know just because you're making some

0:34 assumptions that this woman has more

0:36 money what that means you don't know

0:37 what their money issues are you think

0:39 you love money issues everybody as money

0:41 issues you don't know if this person is

0:43 generous with their family or with

0:46 charities you don't know if their

0:47 cheapskate you don't know if they're

0:49 spendthrift you really don't know you've

0:50 just given them the label rich person so

0:55 dating someone who has substantially

0:57 more money than you can have its

0:58 advantages and it can also have its

1:00 challenges let's talk about the

1:01 challenges it's possible that the rich

1:05 person wants to do things that are out

1:07 of your budget and are difficult for you

1:09 so you're constantly counting the cash

1:11 and your wallet to see if you can make

1:12 it through the month it's also possible

1:15 that this person's money has allowed

1:16 them to do social activities that you've

1:19 never even dreamed of being invited to

1:21 and now that you are at these events

1:23 because they've invited you you feel

1:24 socially awkward it's possible that this

1:30 person has a wardrobe that looks like it

1:32 came out of a Paris Couture salon and

1:35 you shop at a great big block size

1:37 discount store so you've recognized all

1:40 these things about this person being so

1:42 different from you may be elevated from

1:44 you they noticed you

1:46 I'm not dating you because you shop in

1:49 Paris they're dating you because they

1:50 leather sole because they love something

1:52 very sweet about you but if this is an

1:55 issue for you this is probably more of

1:58 an issue for you than they then it's

2:00 time to talk about it you talk about

2:01 what you can't afford in which you can't

2:03 afford and by the way there are all

2:05 kinds of great activities that you can

2:07 do the don't cost much money you could

2:09 cook the person dinner you could make

2:10 them a simple picnic of peanut butter

2:12 and jelly and

2:14 and serve it after a great and beautiful

2:16 hike you can go to art galleries and

2:18 look at the look of the displays you can

2:20 take a walk in the park you can go to a

2:22 pet store and pet the puppies there's

2:24 millions of things that you can do by

2:26 discount play tickets I could go on and

2:28 on and on but if the money thing is

2:30 becoming an uncomfortable situation

2:32 between you and maybe let's say the rich

2:35 person isn't really that thrill about

2:36 pulling out the plastic all the time you

2:38 could have an arrangement you could know

2:41 ahead of time about what percentage you

2:43 can afford and what they're willing to

2:44 pay and if your relationship has gotten

2:47 to someplace where you feel comfortable

2:49 and it's substantial you could have a

2:52 joint credit card and whoever wants to

2:54 could pull out that credit card and

2:56 pretend to pay and then later you decide

2:57 how you divide the money it's all just

3:00 about communicating and really in the

3:02 meantime just loving each other I'm

3:04 Sally Landau

3:05 I'm your relationship coach and my

3:07 company is dating can be fun