How to Cut Tomatillos

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Throw a tomatillo a brief glance and you may think it's a tomato -- the real difference is in the flavor. Tomatoes typically have a sweet and fruity taste, while tomatillos are mainly tart and firm. Use them to make flavorful salsas or toss them into a summer salad. Cleaning and prepping is simple despite their papery husk and small size. These little veggies make the perfect garnish for a southwestern-themed appetizer tray or a Mexican lunch. Slice your tomatillos and enjoy them fresh.

Pull away the husks one at a time and discard them. Place the husked tomatillos in a colander.

Rinse the tomatillos under cool water to wash away pesticides and debris. Pat them dry with paper towels.

Place a tomatillo on a cutting board with the stem side facing up. Position your knife over the center, slide it through and cut the tomatillo in half.

Lay the halves cut-side down and slice them into quarters. Toss the tomatillos in a bowl or in your dish.