How to Cut to Make a Sleeveless Shirt

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During the hot summer months, both men and women enjoy the coolness offered from a sleeveless shirt. You can turn any shirt, long-sleeved or short-sleeved, into a sleeveless shirt. First, you must decided if you want smaller arm openings with the sleeve seam still intact or larger arm openings with the seam removed. Removing the seam weakens the shirt and makes it more susceptible to tearing; however, the shirt will be more comfortable.

Turn the shirt inside out and put it on. Lift your arms straight out to your side. Determine where you would like the sleeve opening to stop and ask a friend to put a small pen mark on the shirt's right-hand side, at that location.

Take the shirt off and spread it on the floor, still inside out. Measure from the shoulder seam down to the mark and transfer this measurement to the shirt's left hand side.

Place your hand inside the neck hole and rest your thumb on the shoulder seam. Measure two thumb lengths across the shoulder seam and make a mark. Measure the distance from the neck hole to the mark and transfer this measurement to the neck hole's other side.

Measure up 2 inches from a side mark and place a second mark. Repeat with the other side mark. These new side marks indicate when to start curving your cut toward the shirt's side.

Cut the shirt straight down, starting from a collar mark. Continue to cut straight down until the cut lines up with the top side mark. Angle your scissors toward the bottom side mark and finish the cut. Repeat on the shirt's other side.