How to Cut Layers In Short Hair


0:00 hi I'm Daniel Rob hair stylist from Los

0:03 Angeles California today I'm going to

0:05 show you how to cut layers into short

0:07 hair so when I decide to layer short

0:11 hair the first thing I think of is where

0:15 am I going to part the hair or where is

0:17 the client going to part their hair

0:19 which side they're going to wear the

0:20 hair to once I've decided that then I'll

0:23 move on to deciding how short I want the

0:26 layers to be in this case I'm going to

0:30 cut layers that are on the longer side

0:34 so that the hair has some more width and

0:37 volume rather than a tighter shorter

0:41 cropped look closer to the head next I'm

0:45 going to start the cutting and usually

0:48 what I like to do is start at the front

0:52 of the face and the hairline and work my

0:54 way around the head so I make a guide

0:59 with the first section of hair and I

1:03 bring the hair up and trim off the piece

1:09 that I need to start creating the line

1:13 or the guide that I'm going to use to

1:17 put my layers in then I make another

1:20 parting and another section of hair and

1:23 I lift the hair up again and I trim off

1:28 just enough here so I get that balanced

1:33 layer that I'm looking to have so I'm

1:36 moving around the head I take a section

1:42 lift the hair up to where I see the ends

1:48 that I want to cut and trim those pieces

1:51 off the nice thing about this is that

1:56 you can take off any dry ends without

2:03 cutting the hair too short and still get

2:06 a beautifully lightly layered style that

2:11 gives

2:12 the clients a little bit more lift in

2:16 their hair rather than having it hang

2:19 all one length to this point I've been

2:22 layering the hair and trimming off the

2:25 ends by bringing the hair upwards but

2:28 you might have asked yourself why isn't

2:30 he trimming any of the hair below the

2:33 occipital bone or this level here if the

2:39 client is if their hair is in good shape

2:44 you can let that hair drop out because

2:47 that's what creates the layered effect

2:49 but if you want to trim off any dry ends

2:53 in this back area you can easily move

2:56 down the head like I'm doing here and

2:59 just trim off the little bits just a

3:02 little ends just to ensure that you've

3:06 done a complete haircut taking off any

3:10 dry split ends if your client has them

3:13 if they don't there isn't any need to do

3:16 that but that is an option so you may

3:21 have noticed that I started on the left

3:22 side of the head that's actually just

3:25 where I naturally go to first you can

3:29 start on any side of the head that you

3:32 want whatever's comfortable for you I

3:36 could have done the same cut starting on

3:38 the right side I think generally if the

3:42 hair is a side part it's easier to start

3:45 on the side that has less hair moving

3:48 around to the side that has more but if

3:50 it's a middle part you can start on

3:53 either side and easily get a nice

3:54 balanced look so now that you're done

3:58 putting your layers in short hair it

4:00 should be an absolute snap to blow-dry

4:01 and your client should be thrilled with

4:03 the end result i'm daniel rob and thank

4:06 you for watching my video on how to cut

4:08 layers in short hair