How to Cut Hair Like a Professional

How to Cut Hair Like a Professional. Learning how to cut hair is a trade that many people work on for years. The skill and dedication required to cut hair like a professional hairstylist elevates many stylists to artist status. However, learning how to cut hair doesn't have to take years of beauty school. Learn how to cut hair like a professional and rank yourself among the best hairstylists.

Visit a hair salon and observe how the stylists work. Familiarize yourself with all of the tools of the trade including clippers, shears, razors and combs.

Find a local beauty store that sells beauty and haircare products and purchase a good pair of shears and a variety of combs. Recruit a friend that doesn't mind being a hair guinea pig on which you can practice your skills. Otherwise find a mannequin head and a wig to practice your skills until you are confident enough to try on a human head.

Try a basic trim first, washing the hair, combing it straight and taking about an inch of hair into your index and middle finger. Cut a small amount of hair off of the ends and repeat around the whole head. Continuously check the length of the hair by comparing the opposite sides of the hair to ensure an even cut.

Move on to a more difficult style after perfecting the trim. Attempt the layering technique by cutting at an angle using the same method as trimming. Pull the hair through the index and middle finger to isolate a section of hair, and then use combs to isolate sections of the hair and keep a perspective of how much hair you cut. Make the longest layers around the face, but being quite judicious with the amount of hair you cut off.

Buy a hair cutting book or style magazine to get a feel for different styles and cuts and experiment with as many styles as possible. Utilize proper form and always the check the balance of length on the hair in a mirror. Use clippers and razors only after you have mastered the use of the shears.

Experiment with different hair textures and lengths to gather a large repertoire of ability to help your haircutting development. Consider taking the stylist licensure exam if you are truly serious about becoming a professional hairstylist.