How to Cut Hair in the Bob Style


0:00 hi I'm Daniel Rob hair stylist from Los

0:03 Angeles California and today I'm going

0:05 to show you how to cut hair in a bob

0:06 style the way I'm going to cut my bob

0:08 today is all one length with a nice

0:11 blunt edge so starting with a wet head

0:14 of hair I'm going to show you how to

0:16 section the hair and start the cutting

0:18 what you want to do is start at the top

0:22 and you're going to take the hair up in

0:25 probably three or more sections and you

0:29 want these sections to be as even as

0:31 possible then I'm taking these front

0:33 sections and I'm just going to twist

0:37 them out of my way

0:37 they can also be clipped out of the way

0:45 and then I'm going to take another

0:50 section

0:58 comb that twist it and clip it out of

1:01 the way and this is where I'll start

1:05 back in the nape area now there are all

1:09 levels and lengths of bobs that you can

1:13 cut I'm gonna cut a longer bob because

1:16 my model doesn't want her hair super

1:17 short but the idea is to give a nice

1:20 blunt clean edge to the hair so this

1:26 point I'm gonna have my model drop her

1:28 chin down and this is a very important

1:31 step because the hair naturally will

1:36 kick under once the head is put upright

1:38 if you start with the head forward so

1:42 this point I just comb the hair straight

1:44 down and trim off the amount that I want

1:49 to create that nice blunt bob line once

1:55 again a bob can be anywhere from just

2:00 below your neck up to your chin the idea

2:04 of a bob is really the blunt line and

2:06 you can see I'm holding the hair taut

2:11 between my fingers so that I have

2:16 control over the line now sometimes

2:19 little hairs can get missed so you want

2:22 to make sure that you comb the hair down

2:25 once you've cut it you want to comb the

2:28 hair down again just to make sure that

2:30 any of those underneath hairs get cut

2:36 then I take another section and you want

2:38 to make sure that you take clean parted

2:41 sections when cutting a bob you'll get a

2:47 a more even line at the bottom

2:55 I'm gonna have her tilt her head up and

2:57 I'm gonna comb her hair out and you can

3:00 see where I'm going with this cut you

3:08 can see how the edges blunt how it's

3:11 gonna lift away from the head so that

3:13 she will get a turn

3:15 under effect so I finished my haircut

3:21 and now I'm gonna blow my models hair

3:24 dry and we'll get to see the finished

3:26 Bob

3:27 so I've rough dried the models hair so

3:32 most of the wetness is out my next step

3:35 is to start from the back of her head

3:38 and work around the head using a round

3:41 brush to turn the ends under since I did

3:45 do a blunt bob with an undercut because

3:48 her head was down during the entire cut

3:50 I should get a beautiful turn under and

3:53 it should lay awesome so here's our

3:57 amazing result i'm daniel rob and thank

4:01 you for watching my video on how to cut

4:03 hair in a bob style