How to Cut Hair for Women

How to Cut Hair for Women. Cutting hair is not hard. By cutting your own hair, a friend or relative, you'll save everyone a lot of money. Here are some simple steps to doing a decent hair cut for women.

First, have the subject thoroughly wash their hair and leave it wet. They should comb through it with a fine toothed comb and part it as they normally style it.

Next, you'll want to cover them with a towel or just go outside so you don't make a mess. You'll need a pair of sharp scissors, obviously hair cutting scissors will work best, but any pair will really do, and a comb. Comb the hair down so it lays straight and flat. Initially go around the bottom of the hair and cut off the desired amount. Remember, wet hair looks a lot longer than dry hair. If you've never cut hair before, be cautious, it's best to take off too little than too much all at once, you can always cut off more! Cut a straight line across the bottom.

Next, you'll want to move to the facial area. If the person has bangs, comb them down over the face and carefully trim, again, be wary of removing too much hair, especially near the face, when it is dry, it will "bounce up" and look much shorter when styled. If there are face "frames", carefully follow a line along the angle of the jaw. Do not cut the face layers too far back, they should not go past the ear.

Most women want some sort of layering in their hair to add volume. To do this, take sections of hair up in the comb pulling the hair so it is straight up in the air. Cut across to create hair that is different lengths. The more of this you do across the scalp, the more volume you will create.