How to Cut Fringe on Bottom of Shirt

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Upcycle a shirt that no longer fits right, or grab a new one, and transform it into a fringe cut shirt. The fashion-forward look is easy to replicate from ones that you see walking the streets or the runway; however, making your own is less expensive than the designer version. The process to create the shirt is simple and takes minimal time. When complete, pair the abdomen-exposing shirt with jeans or shorts and a stylish pair of shoes.

Lay the shirt on a flat surface and iron lightly to remove any wrinkles. Set the iron to a cotton setting and glide across the shirt until it is smooth.

Put the shirt on and mark where you want the fringe to begin. Make the mark with fabric chalk along the side hem on both sides.

Remove the shirt and lay it flat again. Hold a ruler against the side of the shirt and measure up to the mark. Record the measurement and repeat with the other side of the shirt. Adjust the marks so they are the same measurement.

Hold the ruler in the center of the shirt and measure from the bottom hemline upwards. Make a mark with fabric chalk at the same measurement as the two sides. Do this again in one or two different areas on the front of the shirt.

Lay the ruler across the shirt horizontally and connect the top dots. This will be where the fringe line ends.

Cut the bottom hemline off of the shirt. To get an accurate cut, follow the top hemline and only cut along that line, do not extend the cutting upward. Discard the fabric.

Position the ruler at the bottom of the shirt and make even marks for the width of the fringe. The width can be large, up to 1 inch, or small, up to a quarter-inch. Create small marks with fabric chalk so you know where to cut. Hold the ruler vertically against the fabric and connect the fringe marks with the fringe end line. You will cut the fringe along this line.

Hold the shirt with one hand and cut along each line with fabric scissors. You will cut both the front and back of the shirt at the same time.