How to Cut Brussels Sprouts


0:00 I'm Mark Alyn for Expert Village. Now you take your Brussels Sprouts, and we are going

0:07 to cut off some of the back end. Now if you cut too much like this one, it is going to

0:16 fall apart. You don't want to cut it that far, okay. Just take off a little nip at the

0:22 bottom, just like that. That's prefect. You don't even have to do them all. This one's

0:34 good. I'll cut that one. The reason you do that is because it just makes it look a little

0:42 bit nicer. If you are a Brussels Sprouts, you do anything to make yourself look nicer

0:48 including cutting off your foot some. That's what we are doing. We are making the Brussels

0:52 Sprouts look nicer. For Expert Village, I'm Mark Alyn.