How to Cut Brussels Sprouts

by Mark Alyn

Learn how to make Brussels sprouts and grilled eggplant from an expert goodie in this free cooking video. cutting Brussels sprouts.

About the Author

Mark Alyn is one of those people that wakes up thinking about what he's going to have for dinner - three days away! His love for food began early, as he was always an adventurous diner. Other than his family, Mark's life is all about eating or talking about food and wine. In the early 70s, Mark was the first to regularly feature food on his radio talk show in Los Angeles. Later he talked about food and wine when he was a talk show host in Memphis. And, he recently ended a two year gig talking about food and wine nationally on radio. He has interviewed chefs, authors, food writers, wine makers and more. He has written numerous reviews for newspapers and magazines. He is a former member of the Southern California Restaurant Writers Association.