How to Cut Bangs

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It seems like every few weeks your bangs need to be trimmed. Who has time to go to the hairstylist that often? To save time and money, try trimming your own bangs. By following these simple steps, you won't end up butchering your hairstyle. Plus you can extend the time needed between haircuts.

Comb your bangs down straight over your forehead. Look in the mirror and decide how much you want to cut off.

Grab your bangs and twist them a few times. Hold the ends with the hand you won't be using to cut. Twisting will prevent you from having one straight line of bangs.

Take a deep breath and grab your scissors with the hand not holding your hair. While looking in the mirror, cut slightly below where you actually want your bangs cut. Remember that your bangs will bounce back a little after they are cut, so do not cut off too much. Cut straight across holding your bangs tightly until all the hair is cut.

Drop the cut hair in the garbage. You can use your blow dryer on low to blow off any loose hairs on your face or body.

Comb your bangs down straight. If you have any stray hairs that slipped out while cutting, cut them on an angle.

Shake your fingers lightly through your bangs to loosen them up so they will look more natural. If they are not short enough, repeat these steps.

This optional step is for the very brave. Once your bangs are the length you want, grab the scissors and hold them sharp side pointing up toward the ceiling. Place the scissors a fingertips length into your hair starting on the left. Carefully cut. Move the scissors every few inches to the right to give your bangs a choppy kind of look. You will be cutting very little hair. This will help your bangs separate a little more.

Style as usual.