How to Cut Bacon

by Lanh Ma

Cut your bacon as evenly as possible to promote even cooking.

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Bacon is cured pork, and it is typically cut into thin slices that are then cooked on a griddle. Slices of bacon can be eaten on their own as a breakfast item, used to top other foods like burgers or casseroles, or wrapped around small bits of food to make appetizers. Bacon has a salty-sweet taste that combines well with other foods. If you have purchased a whole bacon slab, cut your bacon correctly to provide the most flavorful dining experience.

Lay the bacon slab flat on a cutting board.

Locate the stripes of fat. Bacon is typically heavily striped with fat, which makes it ideal as a seasoning for plainer foods.

Cut a slice from the end of the slab, making your cut parallel to the lines of fat. Make the slice about ΒΌ inch thick, as the slice will shrivel in the pan. If you are using the bacon as a topping, you may wish to slice it slightly thicker.

Repeat until you have all the bacon you need.


  • Cut your slab into segments that are as large as the amount of bacon that you usually eat in one sitting. Store all of your bacon-slab segments in the freezer, and thaw out only the chunks you need. Constant thawing and refreezing alters the taste and texture of meat, and portioning your meat ensures that you will freeze and thaw your bacon only once.

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