How to Cut a T-Shirt Horizontally on the Back


0:05 hi this is mo of MO West creations and

0:09 today I'm gonna show you how to cut

0:11 horizontal lines in the back of your

0:13 t-shirt so the first thing you want to

0:15 do is start out with the shirt that

0:17 would look good like this many different

0:19 kinds just depends on what you're going

0:22 for then you want to lay it out so that

0:24 the side seams are on top of each other

0:26 so basically right here we're looking at

0:29 the side of the shirt they're lined up

0:31 all the way up to the sleeves from the

0:35 hem the sleeves perfectly lined up and

0:38 then get the center back into a nice

0:40 smooth crease the next thing you want to

0:43 just do is decide what kind of shape you

0:47 want your lines to be cut in just a

0:49 square you could do a scoop you could do

0:52 it V I think that I'm going to do a deep

0:57 V so I'm gonna start the V pretty far in

1:06 and just lay a ruler out diagonally like

1:14 that then I'm going to make a little

1:19 mark a little dot at each 1 inch you can

1:24 do half an inch you can do 2 inches you

1:28 can do 3 inches it's all up to you and

1:30 how you want it to look ok the next

1:38 thing you want to do just lay the ruler

1:40 out this way and mark every 1 inch

1:49 give yourself a little dot work with

1:57 once you've done that it's time to cut

2:01 so take a look at your dots start at the

2:04 bottom give it a little nice horizontal

2:07 snip now if you're doing a V it's gonna

2:12 your cuts are going to get longer as you

2:14 go up of course just cut from the dot on

2:18 the side the dot

2:39 okay once you've done that you can take

2:43 a look at your shirt looking good so now

2:49 you just want to give them a little pull

2:55 this is an important step in all DIY

2:59 t-shirt cutting really helps it look

3:02 finished

3:14 cut out the tag

3:24 and there you have it how to cut a

3:28 t-shirt horizontally on the back have

3:32 fun with it be creative make your own

3:35 shapes have the stripes get thinner or

3:39 thicker longer or shorter have fun this

3:44 has been mo of mo West creations ciao