How to Curl the Ends of Synthetic Hair

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The advantage of using a synthetic weave, wig or hairpiece is cost--they are much less expensive than their human hair counterparts. While you may save big by purchasing synthetic hair, it is a bit more difficult to style. Synthetic hair cannot be styled with hot tools such as curling irons, flat irons and crimpers because those items can melt and damage the hair. Fortunately, there is a way to curl the ends of synthetic hair without melting your hairpiece.

Part your synthetic hair into sections and roll the ends onto sponge rollers. Keep in mind that the more hair you put around a roller, the less defined the resulting curl will be.

Fill a tall plastic or microwave-safe cup three-quarters full with water. Place it in a microwave and heat it until it is boiling. This should take approximately four to seven minutes. Allow the water to rest in the microwave for two minutes.

Drape two layers of towels around your shoulders, ensuring that your neck is covered--this is necessary to protect your skin if the hair you are curling is on your head. This is not necessary if you are curling a detached hairpiece, wig or ponytail. Place a third spare towel near the surface where you plan to curl your hair.

Carefully remove the heated water from the microwave and set the cup on a flat surface. Pick up the spare towel and place it in one hand. Dip the end of one section of rolled hair into the water for no longer than five seconds, remove it from the cup and then immediately let the soaked roller rest on your spare towel--this will soak up the excess water. Once water is no longer dripping from the roller, move on to the next section of hair. Do not squeeze water from the roller, rub the towel on your hair or pat your hair with the towel.

Allow the synthetic hair to completely air dry--do not try to use a hooded dryer or hand-held blowdryer. Remove the rollers from the ends of your hair once it is dry.

If you want to separate your curled ends, use your fingers instead of a comb or brush--these will cause your synthetic hair to tangle and become frizzy.