How to Create Your Wedding Logo Online Free

Custom-made wedding monograms of the bride and groom’s initials are popular for weddings. Once you have designed a monogram, you can use it as a consistent theme throughout your wedding--on the aisle runner, the invitations and programs, the napkins and the favors. If you want a wedding monogram, you don’t have to pay out-of-this-world prices for a professional to design it. Instead, make your own monogram online using a logo building application. Sign on to your computer, summon your creativity and design your own wedding monogram.

Sketch out an idea of how you’d like your monogram to be laid out. Do you want to use the initial of your first name, the initial of your spouse’s first name and the initial of your new last name in between? Or do you want to use the initials of both of your last names, side by side?

Consider the color you would like your monogram to be. Do you want to use black and white, or match the color theme of your wedding? Also, think about what type of font you want to use for your custom made wedding monogram. Do you want a more romantic, flowing font, or a modern, simple look?

Log on to a free logo maker website, such as Click the “Sign Up” link to create an account. Click on “Start your logo,” or “Get it for free.” A box will pop up and guide you through the design process.

Choose the picture you’d like to use for your monogram. You can specify whether you want a picture that depicts a celebration, a symbol or any other type of image. If you don’t want a picture, click on the “2: Logo Editor” icon at the top of the screen to move onto the next step.

Type the letter you want to be first in the “Line 1” box. If you are doing the initials of your first names, place your initial in the first box, his initial in the third box and your joint last name in the second box. If you are only using one initial, put that initial in the first box.

Edit the size, color and font of the text by clicking on the letter in the design area above, then format the text using the controls to the right of the screen. When you are finished with your logo, click on “Save Logo.” When the logo has been saved, you will be taken to a screen and given the option of modifying, deleting or downloading your logo.

Click on “Download Logo.” A link to the logo will be emailed to the address you provided upon registration. Click on the link in the email, and the file will automatically be downloaded to the download folder on your computer in .png, .jpeg, .tiff and .eps formats.