How to Create Your Own Skate Shoes

The custom shoe market has exploded in the past few years. In the current pop culture scene, every celebrity is grabbing a piece. From the A list to the D list, countless celebrities are designing their own shoes. Now, with the marvels of modern technology, even the average working man can design his own custom skate shoe from the comfort of his home computer.

Choose which manufacturer appeals to you most. From time to time, skate shoe manufacturers release limited-time engines that allow you to design your own shoe online. Companies such as Nike, Vans and Etnies have all had programs that were designed to let you customize the design of your own skate shoe. Check with your favorite shoe company to see when they plan to offer custom shoes.

Choose which style or model of shoe you would like to use for your custom-created skate shoes. Each model has a different number of panels available to customize, so choose wisely based on how much control you want over the look of the skate shoe you create.

Choose your colors. Etnies Shoes has a feature that allows you to choose the color of each individual panel. When you choose the colors, you can also choose the logo.

Find a skate shoe manufacturer with a style that you would like to modify in order to create your own skate shoe. Some manufacturers have shoe design contests that allow you to submit the shoe you designed for review.

Design your logo and decide where you want it to appear on the shoe.

Draw some ideas for your shoe design. Do the best you can to create a mock-up of the skate shoe you created. Remember to address the design three-dimensionally, and don't forget to design the sole.

Choose some suggested color schemes and types of fabric for your skate shoe.

Contact some skate shoe manufacturers to schedule a meeting. Some designers have to contact the same shoe company repeatedly to get a meeting, so plan to be persistent.

Prepare a sales presentation with your shoe designs. If they like your ideas, the executives will have the mock-up drawings made into samples. If the samples turn out well, your shoe may be manufactured on the mass market.

If you are unable to get your shoe manufactured, search the Internet for an overseas company that manufactures skate shoes. Getting your own shoes manufactured can cost you some money up front out of pocket, but you will end up with more control over your shoe, and you will not have to split the profits with a manufacturer.