How to Create Your Own Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

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The rehearsal dinner kicks off the wedding celebration, allowing the bride and groom to spend time with their family, bridal party members and often out-of-town guests on the night before the wedding. Like weddings, rehearsal dinners range in formality from a plated dinner at an upscale restaurant to a casual backyard barbecue at the groom’s parents’ house. Rehearsal dinner invitations should reflect the formality of the event. Whether you’re hosting a formal or relaxed rehearsal dinner, you can create invitations on your home computer that give guests all of the information they need to know about your event.

Create a new document in your word-processing program, such as Microsoft Word. Set the dimensions of the page to a common invitation size, like 4 by 6 inches, or 5 by 7 inches.

Choose two font styles for your text. Use a classic serif font like Times New Roman for the informational text, like the date and time, and a script text like Vivaldi for important text like the couple’s names.

Type your introductory text on the page. Your rehearsal dinner invitations should introduce the event with a welcoming message from the hosts, like “Sam and Terry Hill cordially invite you to a rehearsal dinner honoring Margaret Green and Evan Hill.” Include the informational text on the invitation. This includes the location, date, time and RSVP information. For example, your invitation can read, “Friday, August 6, 2010, Ocean Breeze Restaurant, 7 p.m. RSVP to Terry Hill at 555-8908.”

Add decorative elements. You can place a solid-colored border around the text, or you can include a digital photograph of the happy couple. If your rehearsal dinner has a theme, like a luau, you can include an appropriate image, like a tiki torch or tropical drink.

Print your invitations on durable, colored card stock. Choose a color that matches the décor of the rehearsal dinner or select them in the couple’s wedding colors.