How to Create Your Own Gift Baskets


Design a personalized gift basket for someone special. The thought is appreciated, and it allows the giver the ability to handpick the contents. The basket can be filled with not only foodstuff but everything from apparel to tech-related items and dog biscuits to bamboo or eco-friendly products. Generate ideas by looking at pre-made gift baskets. Notice what makes it special, and then arrange your own gift basket and create a one-of-a-kind gift for all occasions and themes.

Decide on a theme, taking into account the recipient's interests, hobbies or favorite cuisine. Themes may include a Tuscan picnic, ice cream social or vegan Valentine. It can be for a farewell, get well or all's well occasion. Devise a list of related products to purchase. For an ice cream social, gather gourmet ice cream cones, add-ins, gourmet toppings and sundae bowls.

Consider the depth of the container, and then find one related to the theme. Don't limit containers to traditional wicker baskets; browse store aisles for ceramic bowls, pottery, decorative boxes or any container that blends with the theme in color, shape or type. If making a Tuscany-themed basket, look for an olive wood salad bowl or a hand painted or designed pasta bowl.

Fill the bottom of the basket or container with filler to create the illusion of a fuller basket and to help build dimension. Filler can be packing peanuts, Styrofoam blocks or colorfully shredded paper. Wrap and secure any breakable items such as ceramic bowls in lightweight bubble wrap or tissue paper.

Fill the container in stages. Arrange tall items such as olive oil or bottled wine in the center back or towards the middle, positioning medium-size items closer to the outer area. Use smaller items, such as herbs or teas, among the other items as stuffers. Keep in mind that the basket needs to be balanced in weight and presentation. Continue to position and display the items. Add some colorful shredded paper or tissue to complement the overall presentation. Keeping with the theme, augment with decorative ivy and grapes, wrapped candies or fancy chocolates.

Cut several yards of selected cellophane to cover the basket arrangement for a finished look. Smooth it down on a flat surface, and set the completed basket down in the middle. Bring up the sides of the cellophane to the top center and crease any loose sides. Secure the ends with a colored twist tie that matches the cellophane color.

Bedeck the wrapped arrangement with a ready-made bow, raffia or bright ribbons and a handmade gift card. Alternately, craft your own fancy bow with curlicue ribbon ends.