How to Create Lesson Plans for Sunday School

How to Create Lesson Plans for Sunday School. Teaching a Sunday school class requires preparation and a lesson plan. The key to a successful lesson plan is using interactive fun and discussion that includes the students. Following a standard plan format makes the task of teaching any Sunday school class more manageable even for the first time teacher.

Consider the grade level and ages of the Sunday school students. The lesson needs to be age appropriate. For example, children's lessons focus on activities and crafts while adult classes are discussion-based.

State the objectives and goals of the lesson in the lesson plan. Sunday school objectives range from learning verses and Bible stories for children to applying the Ten Commandments to every day life for adults. Refer to the Bible for specific verses and stories.

Determine what materials each activity requires. Use a flip chart and markers to aid adult discussions. Markers, glue, crayons and puppets help keep a child's lesson entertaining.

Highlight the procedure of the lesson in the plan and list scriptures and other readings that are a part of the lesson. Explain any activities step-by-step that help teach the lesson.

Write down questions to ask during the discussion and to summarize the lesson. Incorporate factual and information questions that focus on helping students recall the details of the stories. Also, use analytical and personalizing questions to help students think deeper about the text and internalize the message into their lives.

Close the lesson plan with reflection time for students to express what they learned. End Sunday school lessons with a prayer. For younger students use this time to teach new prayers.