How to Create Funny Certificates

by Mary Johnson-Gerard, Ph.D. ; Updated September 28, 2017

Make someone laugh by creating personalized funny gag certificates. Many websites offer templates, a premade document that saves a specific text and style. Templates are used by adding to a document that already has a base design. Templates are downloaded from a website or a program and then opened in Microsoft Word or Power Point. Templates allow a user to create a variety of documents but saves the time of making them from scratch. Save time by using premade templates to make funny certificates and get people laughing at birthday parties, office parties and even class reunions.

Go to a website like or to download predesigned templates for funny certificates. These sites require you download the template and simply fill in the name. These sites work well for someone who is in a hurry or not interested in creating a certificate mostly from scratch. offers certificates in Microsoft Power Point and offers certificates in Microsoft Word.

Go to to take you directly to the source of Microsoft Office template design. These are very basic templates that will require you to enter the certificate name as well as the text describing the certificate. These are downloaded for free from the website and open on your computer in Microsoft Word or Power Point. This type of certificate gives you much more creative freedom as you enter all or most of the text.

To enter text on any of these templates, click on the text box in the certificate template and begin typing. Some funny ideas for gag certificates that you create from scratch are Best Hair, Best Dancer, Most Tardy, Poser Award, Biggest Flirt, Best Dressed, Oldie But Goodie, Foot In Mouth, Best Laugh and Computer Challenged. Most templates will have a text box at the top for the certificate title, a text box in the middle and/or bottom for certificate description and recipient name.

Type descriptions for certificates by describing the title of the award. For example, the Best Diva award could say, "For outstanding flair for dramatics" or the Best Laugh award could say, "Awarded for the ability to project one's laughter throughout the entire building."

Print certificates by turning your printer on, loading 8 by 11 paper of your choice and selecting print from the Microsoft tool bar. Generally these templates come with a border already designed in the template, so stay away from paper designed for certificates with preprinted borders.

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